What is Order of The Paw?

OTP is the creative brand name that I've been using for over 10 years. My name is Jeff Block - I'm an artist, graphic and web designer and all around creative person.

OTP was spawned from my love of cats, cat-girls and all things feline. Since then, however, my talents and creative efforts have greatly diversified but OTP as well as my distinct paw logo have remained constant.

I'm available for commissions, so click here to get some custom OTP art for yourself!

Stuff About Me


  • Digital Art
  • Video Games
  • Cooking
  • Collecting Anime Figures

Favorite Movie


Favorite Game Character

Helena (from Dead or Alive)

Favorite Game Type

Hack-n-Slash Dungeon Crawl Loot-Fest

Favorite Manga

Outlanders (by Johji Manabe)